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We are a property management firm. We specialize in short-term rentals and really take care of everything. We manage every aspect of keeping your property booked and ready to welcome guests and you. It is our mission to help you earn as much income as possible. Bongo Stays has been in business for 10 years managing over 20,000 properties worldwide. We want to maximize your profits with almost zero involvement on your part.


Attracting consumers to this business in a competitive market is a challenge for any management company. That is why we have developed strategies to maximize occupancy of properties around the world, such as discount and price allocation, promotional pricing, geographic price allocation, dynamic price allocation, and international price allocation. The specific strategy applied depends on market variables such as: seasonality, internet searches, and events in the surroundings, among others.


Attention and communication with the owners and customers is the core of our company. Our commitment to you is essential to ensure that there is a good relationship between us. At the end of the day, you are putting your property in our hands. On the other hand, the contact and availability with the guest to resolve their doubts or any problems that may arise is something we take very seriously. To offer you the quality service you deserve, we have a customer service staff to assist you along the way.


Bongo Stays handles everything from writing the ad describing your property to marketing it to potential guests, managing reservations, guest inquiries, payments, check-ins/check-outs, messaging, and access to your home. Rain or storm, your property will always be ready to receive guests, as we provide a true professional standardized housekeeping service. We dispatch emergency maintenance and provide local help to guests 24/7, 365 days a year.

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