Apartments in Puerto Morelos from $1.7 MDP
Following the success of Alborada, we are proud to present Alborada Condos, a new residential development in Puerto Morelos.
Apartments in Puerto Morelos from $1.7 MDP
With a unique concept, Alborada Condos is an excellent option to invest in and live in.
Apartments in Puerto Morelos from $1.7 MDP
Apartments with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a location close to supermarkets, banks, and public transportation.
Apartments in Puerto Morelos from $1.7 MDP
Just 8 minutes from the beach and the relaxed atmosphere that characterizes Puerto Morelos.



Freshen up and enjoy the most amazing days with your family and friends.

Parking space

Your car will always be safe at the roofed parking space.

Outdoor gym

Stay active in the outdoor gym. Create fun workout plans at any time!

Recreational Area

The perfect spot to party with friends and family.

Garden for children and pets

The fun never stops! This outdoor garden is ideal for the little ones and our pets.


Puerto Morelos is a charming port, where the relaxed atmosphere embraces you. Its privileged location allows you to explore the beauty of Quintana Roo.

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